In Celebration of Daughters – Win a Treat for your Daughter

This month we are celebrating our daughters and would love to hear about yours.

We have put together a lovely selection of ‘daughter’ gifts for you to win – all you have to do is comment below this post and let us know why your daughter deserves to win this treat.

Win Gifts for your Daughter


The prize includes a gorgeous sterling silver swallow necklace, a star shaped charm and a cute mini glass jewellery box.


Just leave a comment below, tell us a bit about your daughter, why she means so much to you and why she deserves this treat.  A winner will be chosen on the 11th October and announced on this page.


Thank you all so much for your comments and lovely messages about your wonderful daughters.  Every one is equally worthy so a winner was picked at random and is Denise.  Please get in touch Denise so that we can send your prize x


25 thoughts on “In Celebration of Daughters – Win a Treat for your Daughter

  1. My daughter, Amelia, is nearly 11 years old. She has recently been diagnosed with Autoimmune Liver Disease. She had to be absent from school for 2 weeks in June after the initial diagnosis due to the high level of steroids she was taking. Sadly she missed her school trip to York with her friends as she needed to be isolated from people. She has coped remarkably well with the news of her lifelong illness as well as weekly blood tests and injections to try and keep her healthy. She hasn’t complained once about being unwell. We are all very proud of her and she has kept us positive. Her life will change due to the disease but I know she will grow into a wonderful young lady. Thank you

  2. My beautiful daughter is 5 in 2 weeks. She has brought so much joy to myself, her Daddy and 3 older brothers. She has such an amazing imagination and sense of fun. She makes us all smile and she is a joy to be around!

  3. In my daughters 7 years she has been a constant joy to me. In her own special way she has supported me through some of the toughest and darkest days providing a stunning smile and amazing hugs at the right time. She takes care of her younger brother and to her new baby step sister she will be the most amazing role model. She is wise beyond her years and will always be one of the best 3 things I have ever done in my life

  4. My little girls name is Chloe, she is turning 5 next week and is my best little mate in the world 🙂 A few months ago Chloe and I were at her swimming lesson and from behind the glass window I could see some older girls talking to her, as we were leaving I asked her what they had said to her and she replied “The said you were fat Mum but I said you were not and that you were gorgeous! ” Bless her…..I felt like crying. Little girls should not be noticing these kind of things at such a young age. Thanks for sticking up for your size 12 Mum Chloe xxx

  5. My daughter Larna will be 5 in February, she’s the most intelligent special little girl I’ve ever met,she’s was my rock every day when I suffered bad post natel depression for a year with her baby sister who is now 19 months old, she helped in anyway she could,she would even try calm her baby sister when she was crying as she knew I was finding it hard to cope, every time I cried she would be there giving me a cuddle and wiping away my tears. She even wanted to help as much as she could with household chores. Through dealing with all of this her teachers are amazed that she is a year more advanced with her speak,mathematics and forward thinking. I feel honoured to have such a special intelligent daughter who at times makes me think she is stronger than me, I don’t know how I would of pulled through it without her. I owe her the world xx

  6. My daughter is just 9 weeks old but she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, her little smile makes my heart melt every morning. I watch her sleeping and realise I’m so full of love for her I feel like I’m going to burst. I was in labour with her for 4 days and her heart rate dropped twice, 2nd time resulting in an emergency c-section it was the scariest thing ever but my precious baby girl is fit and healthy (and gorgeous) so I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. 💞💞💞

  7. My daughter Ailie means the world to me as she was a long awaited and came after heartbreak and illness in pregnancy, she now not only completes my we family but makes us all smile and laugh everyday, she is our whole world 🙂 x

  8. My daughter Olivia is 7 on December 20th, she has just broke her arm on Saturday, snapped both bones and had to have an operation to set them in place and have a wire in to hold them there. Through all of this she has been amazingly brave and I’m very proud of her.

  9. My daughter was born on Guy Fawkes almost 10years ago! She has been my little firework since that day and hour! She wakes up every morning with a smile and nothing seems to bring her down! She is full of life, love and laughter and leaves a positive and lasting impression on everyone she meets!

  10. For 8 years, the sun has shone with every smile and rain fallen with every tear. We waited a long time for our only child – a beautiful daughter; Iola Martha – who is more than we could ever have dreamed of.

  11. My daughter Yasmin Mae will be 11 on the 20th of October … words are simply not enough to tell the world just how much she means to me. Yasmin was just 3 years old when I became a single parent, her infectious smile and giggle were enough to pull me through the dark days … she inspired me to take hold of my life and whilst she was growing into the little lady she has become today I worked full time and went to uni part time and studied to become a teacher. Yasmin always greeted me with hugs and kisses at the end of some very long days.
    She has had to take a back seat sometimes, without so much as a moan or a groan, as her big brother has diabetes type 1 and has various complications and mental health issues … she despite being the youngest helps him to manage his condition and has been his rock and a shoulder to cry on.
    I have just got back from her Year 6 Parents Evening … where she has been predicted Level 5’s possibly Level 6’s! She is amazing! and I love her so much! She makes me proud everyday and I am so lucky to have her as my daughter and my best friend x x x

  12. My daughter… Well what can I say, she has grown from my precious 4lb 7oz preemie baby so tiny & helpless in my arms, to a stunning sweet sixteen year old who never fails to make me proud.

    Our relationship has grown & blossomed through the years. As a toddler she always had the biggest smile on her face & I could never be cross with any shanagans she would get up to. She made my day & I was always the centre of her world, as the years rolled on she became more than my daughter she became my best friend, we both have the same sense of humor & find ourselves making each other laugh at the slightest thing. She has had her ups & downs but her outlook on life always stays positive -a quality I admire very much- even when she was having troubles with bullies at school.

    I have just had another baby 6 weeks ago & my daughter was my birth partner-along side her dad- & she was so much help it was lovely that I could share such a moment with her.

    My baby, my friend, my chuckle buddy, my daughter. I would love to thank her for bringing joy to my life & being a better version of myself.. Daughters truly are a blessing 🙂

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