Christmas Stockings

At a length of 168ft and a width of 70ft, imagine waking up to the world’s largest Christmas stocking on Christmas morning!  This is the size of the hugest, most amazing Christmas stocking ever created and recorded by Guinness World Records.  Created in Italy by volunteers to raise money for a charity helping the aged, the stocking was stuffed full of balloons with sweets inside.  What child wouldn’t love to see that?

Why not treat a special child to a plush personalised christmas stocking this Christmas – ideal for both boys and girls of all ages.

There are many tales about the origins of the christmas stocking but the most popular is the tale of a father and his three daughters.  Nearing old age and being very poor, the father worried that he wouldn’t be able to provide dowries for his daughters to get married. Rumours reached St Nicholas and on Christmas Eve after everyone had gone to bed, he visited the house to leave a gift.  Through the window he could see 3 pairs of stockings hanging over the fireplace to dry and it gave him an idea. He went up to the roof, crept down the chimney and placed a bag of gold in each of the stockings which would provide enough money for the daughters to marry.  In the morning the gold was discovered and the father and his daughters overjoyed.

Make Christmas extra special this year with this fabulous personalised christmas sack which can be used year after year.

Today in the UK this tradition continues and children often leave out a specially made and decorated Christmas stocking or sack hoping that Father Christmas will creep down their own chimney and fill it up with gifts and treats.  To help you with stuffing those stockings Diamond Kids have some fantastic ideas for affordable gifts to put a smile on the faces of both  boys and girls when they wake up on Christmas morning.  Every year it gets harder and harder to find fun, affordable gifts to stuff those stockings with doesn’t it?  Here are some of our favourites.

Fun, affordable stocking fillers for girls from a selection at These gifts also make great party bag gifts.

Stuff those stockings with a fun selection of boy’s stocking fillers from


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