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Frozen Snowflake Jewellery for Girls

It may be a sunny September day but at Diamond Kids HQ we’re feeling decidedly frosty!

Why? Because this fab new frozen snowflake jewellery has just fluttered into store looking utterly beautiful.

Snowflake PendantCrafted in 925 Sterling Silver with a frosty, frozen finish, these cute little sparklers come on a 14″ chain and are available in frosty white, icy blue or princessy pink.

bluesetThese adorable little freshwater pearl stretch bracelets measure approx 14cm and make the perfect party piece for little Frozen fans.  Team with the matching snowflake studs and your little one will feel like a real party princess!

snowstudsWhich is your favourite, pink, white or blue?

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Summer = Wimbledon = Strawberries

So, Wimbledon time is here again and we all know what that means – strawberries of course ……. oh, and tennis!

Grab yourself a gorgeous punnet of girl’s strawberry jewellery – while they’re still in season 🙂



Silver Strawberry Earrings Strawberry SocksPink Strawberry RingRed Tennis DressSilver Tennis Racquet Pendant


Strawberrry Pendant – Red Tennis SkirtTrainers CharmTennis Racquet Slide on CharmStrawberry Bracelet

In Celebration of Daughters – Win a Treat for your Daughter

This month we are celebrating our daughters and would love to hear about yours.

We have put together a lovely selection of ‘daughter’ gifts for you to win – all you have to do is comment below this post and let us know why your daughter deserves to win this treat.

Win Gifts for your Daughter


The prize includes a gorgeous sterling silver swallow necklace, a star shaped charm and a cute mini glass jewellery box.


Just leave a comment below, tell us a bit about your daughter, why she means so much to you and why she deserves this treat.  A winner will be chosen on the 11th October and announced on this page.


Thank you all so much for your comments and lovely messages about your wonderful daughters.  Every one is equally worthy so a winner was picked at random and is Denise.  Please get in touch Denise so that we can send your prize x

Pretty Peridot – August Birthstone

PeridotChildrens August Birthstone Earrings

Oh what a pretty little thing the Peridot is!  A beautiful pastel green stone which sits perfectly with its sterling silver companions in these adorable little children’s jewellery designs.  Soft and gorgeous, this darling gemstone makes a fabulous gift for any little August birthday girl.

“Those born in the month of August are often happy and lucky, content and strong, successful and true, reliable and honest.”

Peridot for Kids

The Jo For Girls birthstone pendant makes a gorgeous birthday gift for any young girl. Hung on a 14″ silver chain and beautifully gift boxed, this is a great choice for any young lady with an August birthday!

Our best selling D for Diamond birthstone bangles are not only great for 1st birthdays but a lovely idea for a christening gift too.

The Tooth Fairy

Remember as a 5 or 6 year old, your first wobbly tooth, wiggling about in your mouth like a mouse in a hole?  Poking it with your tongue until it was sore and fiddling with your fingers, hoping it would come out but also hoping it wouldn’t in case it hurt?

Often baby teeth can hang in there for weeks like an ill-fitting denture just asking to be tweaked out by a willing adult.  My own son has his wobbly tooth knocked out during a playfight with my brother and he himself remembered his tooth being pulled out by tying string around it and yanking hard!  Grim as it sounds, losing their baby teeth can be an exciting time for many children who view it as a sign that they are growing up. After all, who ever heard of a 6 year old who didn’t want to be a Big Boy/Girl.

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Girls from Diamond Kids

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Girls from Diamond Kids

By 5 or 6 your child will have heard all about the Tooth Fairy – an enchanted little thing who sneaks into their room at night to whisk away their baby tooth from underneath their pillow and leave something in its place.  Today’s children are usually hoping for something shiny and round when they open their eyes in the morning but any little treat will be sure to delight.  Don’t you just love these utterly adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows, specially designed to make the whole event even more magical and exciting.  The little girl’s tooth fairy pillow features pretty pink tassels and a special little pink satin pouch for storing the offered tooth, while the boy’s version features a friendly dinosaur with blue and green colouring.

Cute dinosaur tooth fairy pillow for little boys from Diamond Kids.

Cute dinosaur tooth fairy pillow for little boys from Diamond Kids.

There will come a time when your little one no longer believes in the Tooth Fairy but the transition from believing to not believing can take some time.  There is always the fear that if you stop believing, the little treats will stop too and that is something that no child hopes for!


Sterling silver tooth fairy necklace for little girls - available at Diamond Kids.

Sterling silver tooth fairy necklace for little girls – available at Diamond Kids.

We say keep the tooth fairy dream alive and let your kids enjoy the sweet innocence of childhood for as long as they can!